Michael Mojaver

Chief Executive Officer

Michael has a track record of starting and managing technology companies with successively higher valuations and exits. He has raised over $20M in investment to date and took his last company public, reaching a market cap of over $300M. Michael has been directing sales and engineering teams in the systematic pursuit of identifying market opportunities and developing disruptive solutions for two decades. Prior to Epilog, Tempest Microsystems pioneered the user-friendly OS for digital recorders in the security space.

Michael has authored nine patents and co-authored numerous scientific publications. His early research was in super-computing, vision-based systems for the detection of dark matter and exotic particles at UC San Diego, Cornell, Stanford, Fermi Lab, and CERN (Geneva). He has collaborated with some of the brightest minds on the planet (Nobel laureates now), such as John C. Mather at Fermilab and Peter Higgs, after whom the "God Particle" is named (confirmed at CERN in 2012).

Lance Mojaver

Chief Technology Officer

Lance is the principal architect and developer for device, client, and server software at Epilog. He has more than six years of experience in real-time video software, creating video cameras from initial hardware design to user-facing product. Lance is passionate about creating cutting-edge vision solutions for robotic and consumer use cases. His most recent area of interest is creating structured 3D data with a single camera through techniques such as SfM.

Marc Munford

Director Business Development

Marc leads Epilog’s Consumer OEM Market Channel Development. Marc comes to Epilog from an extensive career in Silicon Valley startups. Previously, Marc was co-founder of NetDrive — the first Internet personal storage service (before it was called Cloud). Marc has built and run sales and business development for early stage companies such as Visto/Good Technology, Funambol, Germain Software, Treasure Data, and Wollongong/Attachmate. Marc learned to evangelize breakthrough technology when he was a software engineer early in his career working for Steve Jobs at NeXT. Marc's younger days in football also brings Epilog connections to major sports franchise leagues.

Dieter Koller PhD

Research and Algorithm Development

Dieter has over a decade of management experience at various levels, including VP of Engineering, CTO, and Managing Director. He has a strong technical background within all facets of imaging technologies and computer vision, with applications in biometrics, multimedia, video compression and video processing, computer graphics, embedded technologies, as well as internet applications and new emerging technologies.


Dieter finished his Post Doctorate studies in the field of video tracking at University of California at Berkeley and California Institute of Technology, after studying computer science and physics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.

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