The Solution

Over the past five years Epilog AI has developed and is now selling a disruptive new vision technology specifically designed to handle intricate details in large spaces like roads, parking lots, airports, train stations, etc.

Our products have 100x better cost-performance than anything else on the market today and we have 9 patents on the technology. The cost breakthrough savings come from leveraging billions in industry investments to accelerate AI and a partnership with Jabil to mass produce the product using a $100M precision optical robotic manufacturing process.

We are now in a position to offer an industrial-grade vision device cost-effective for commercial use.

In 2017, Epilog developed the world’s first 12K AI camera - the same resolution as an IMAX theater. We rapidly transitioned this technology to production samples to serve two main markets.

The first is retrofitting standard cameras with 8K AI Vision to track vehicles and pedestrians at transportation hubs, parking lots and other similar large spaces.

The second market is a driver assistance system that can be added into existing cars to make them self-driving - SideCar.