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Hydra is the current-generation Epilog product, available now. It is based on a proven compound-camera approach with DSP-powered video analytics. The system locates movement in its field-of-view with 2-4 fixed cameras, then dynamically tracks up to a dozen objects using an integrated zoom camera.

Hydra is designed for new and retrofit installations, offering over 100 MegaPixel resolution through a single SDI or 100mbps Ethernet link.

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Use Cases

Video Monitoring

The most difficult problem in video monitoring is "seeing wide" and "seeing close" at the same time. Epilog offers ten systems with significantly better indoor coverage and analytics. Our systems work efficiently with standard NVRs over traditional networks.


Many professional photographers still rely on film or digital-backs for large-format high-resolution photography. Our upcoming camera system will be available as a versatile, several-hundred-MegaPixel high-end photography platform.

Process Automation

Process monitoring is an important tool for streamlining and improving industrial plants and production lines. Active high-resolution cameras can keep track of events on factory floors, detect anomalies or intrusions and document accidents. Epilog's high-resolution, intelligent solutions deliver new possibilities to end-users in process monitoring.