Our Technology

Our patented multi-sensor video technology is a novel method of digitally fusing multiple image planes behind a single lens. For example, we can merge four off-the-shelf 4K, 60 FPS image sensors into a cost-effective 8K, 60 FPS imaging system.

We call this technological breakthrough Quantum Definition.

HD digital zoom compared to Quantum Definition digital zoom. Our technology provides autonomous vehicles with higher quality, brighter video without an exponential cost increase.

Quantum Definition imaging systems work similarly to multi-core processors, which fuse multiple independent CPUs into a single computing unit. We optically and computationally merge multiple image sensors into a single virtual sensor, and can even integrate different types of sensors behind the same lens.

The benefits of Quantum Definition include:

Lower Cost

Because we use off-the-shelf sensors and low-cost optical devices, our costs are orders of magnitude lower than a custom-developed super resolution sensor.

Higher Resolution/FOV

Quantum Definition video can be scaled to almost any MegaPixel/FOV/FPS requirement. We can additionally provide multiple resolutions in the same video, lowering the overall data rate while preserving areas of interest.

Better Depth of Field

Our imaging systems afford the use of a single high quality lens. Higher quality lenses capture more light, create a deeper depth of field, and have a larger range of apertures. This allows for more F-stops while maintaining low-light performance.

Non-Ghosting HDR

Our use of overlapping sensors enables ghost-free HDR in high-motion environments. Our initial prototype has 17 F-stops of dynamic range, allowing autonomous vehicles to "see" objects with a bright background, for example a road sign with the sun directly behind it.