Our Technology

Epilog AI's patented breakthrough imaging technology lowers the cost of ultra-high definition video cameras to a fraction of the market price.

Our method uses multiple image sensors behind a single lens to scale resolution without a loss of framerate or quality.

Epilog's 8K vision technology vs 4K and HD.

Extraordinary Detail

Epilog AI is the only company in the world offering 8K+ video capture (tested to 16K / 64x HD) at consumer price points. Our systems offer the highest SNR and fps, lowest noise, HDR and best image quality possible, with 9 patents granted.

Precision AI Tracking

Our cameras typically generate orders of magnitude more pixels than most anything else on the market today. Since 2015 we have developed AI algorithms to process 8K and 12K video using existing GPUs and FPGAs in real-time.

Mass-Market Pricing

Our technology is mature, industrial grade and will be shipping in volume beginning in 2021. Consumer price points are made possible by precision robotics manufacturing technology exclusively developed by our partner Jabil Optics for Epilog AI.