About Us

Epilog AI was founded in 2015 by Michael and Lance Mojaver with the goal of improving digital vision systems to match the human eye.

Since then, we have developed and patented the world's best performing cameras at price per pixel. We use off-the-shelf sensors in novel ways to scale today's cameras up to 12x more resolution while maintaining high framerates.

In 2018 we partnered with Jabil, one of the world's largest manufacturers, to scale our vision technology. This partnership created Luma, the first low-cost 8K camera.

To accelerate adoption of the technology in the automotive field we developed SideCar, a self-driving system that works as an add-on to existing cars.


Michael Mojaver


Lance Mojaver


Marc Munford

VP Business Development

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Dr. Dieter Koller

Research & Development


December 2020 Update

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